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Tectum is a publisher inspired by the social sciences and humanities and publishes around 200 new titles a year on topics such as sustainability and ecology, literature, art, music, media, religion and criticism of religion, politics, history, philosophy, economics, education, sociology, social work and law.
The publishing house is aimed in particular at a younger academic audience.


  • Literary Studies

  • Musicology

  • Sustainability Science

  • Religious Studies

Literary Studies

Tectum publishes monographs, anthologies and series in German, English and Romance literary studies.

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Tectum publishes musicological works of the highest quality. Renowned editors oversee our musicological series.

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Sustainability Science

Books on sustainability topics such as consumerism or environmental ethics have characterised the Tectum Verlag programme for many years. Sustainability science is still a relatively young discipline that is both interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary. With the further development of the programme focus, we would like to bring these contributions together in one forum.

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Religious Studies

Even in the secular age, people are looking for meaning and significance in their lives. In a globalised world, more and more religious groups are becoming visible in everyday life and offer the most diverse answers. Their scientific study is therefore becoming increasingly important.

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