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Even in the secular age, most people are searching for meaning and significance in their lives, and the number of religious groups and ideas is steadily increasing. Not least in view of the increasing diversity of cultures, the topic of religion is becoming more and more important. Religious studies content is therefore firmly anchored in the programme of Tectum Verlag and finds important publication formats in traditional series such as “Religionen Aktuell”, edited by Prof. Dr. Dr. Bertram Schmitz, or “Anwendungsorientierte Religionswissenschaft”, edited by Prof. Dr. Wolfram Reiss and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Bechmann.

Publication Series

Anwendungsorientierte Religionswissenschaft
Edited by Univ.-Prof. Dr Wolfram Reiss and Prof. Dr Ulrike Bechmann

Religions and interreligious relations play an increasingly important role in society, in national politics and in many international conflicts. The series aims to address topics that are of current political relevance. It questions common distorted images and prejudices, analyses the discourse on religious topics and provides background information on the history of religion in fields of conflict in European and non-European countries in order to make the breadth of knowledge in religious studies and social sciences on a current topic heard in society and politics.

The series serves as a platform for young scholars from various disciplines who intend their research to make a practical contribution to religious discourse on current issues.

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Marburger Beiträge zur Kirchlichen Zeitgeschichte
Edited by Prof. Dr Jochen-Christoph Kaiser in conjunction with Prof. Dr Thomas K. Kuhn, Prof. Dr Rolf-Ulrich Kunze and Dr Roland Löffler

The series concentrates on the field of contemporary ecclesiastical history, including the 19th century. The focal points of the content include the general history of the churches and their subordinate organisations, the history of missions, diaconia and piety, as well as the development of religious-social currents.

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Musik und Religion
Published by Prof. Dr. Dominik Höink, Prof. Dr. Irene Holzer and Prof. Dr. Isabel Laack
The series is dedicated to multiple relationships between music and religion, understood as broad heuristic umbrella terms. These include the human approach to sound as well as non-institutionalized religiosity and tensions with relational concepts such as secularity. The aim is to broaden the dominant focus in European academic discourse on Europe and Christian church music. The volumes in the series are oriented towards musicology and religious studies, are not limited historically or geographically and make use of a wide range of methods from cultural studies, media studies, social sciences and ethnology.
The series brings together theses (dissertations and habilitations), monographs and anthologies that deal with the outlined subject area in an interdisciplinary manner.
Nova Classica
Marburger Fundus für Studium und Forschung in der Altertumswissenschaft

Edited by Magnus Frisch, Rainer Nickel, Felix M. Prokoph und Kai Ruffing. Co-Founded by Boris Dunsch (†)

The aim of the Nova Classica series is to make central but poorly accessible titles from classical studies accessible again through reprints and – if possible – revised new editions.

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Religionen aktuell
Edited by Prof. Dr Dr Bertram Schmitz

The series takes up contemporary topics in the study of religions. The authors of this series provide access to current, practice-relevant topics from their fields of research from the perspective of religious studies.

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Religionswissenschaft und Religionskritik
Edited by Prof. Dr Horst Junginger and Dr Katharina Neef

With reference to the metaperspective developed in the study of religions, the series brings together dissertations, monographs and anthologies that critically engage with the subjects of the general history of religions at a high level.

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A Tectum Publication: Religious Studies
Published by Tectum Verlag

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A Tectum Publicaiton: Theology
Published by Tectum Verlag

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Young Academics: Religion

Published by Tectum Verlag

The series includes outstanding theses from all sub-disciplines of religious studies – from the history of religion to interreligious relations to the criticism of religion. Another focus is on interdisciplinary works in ethics, philosophy, and politics.
Published by Tectum Verlag, the series gives bachelor’s and master’s students the opportunity to contribute their research contributions to the academic discourse and to make them accessible to a broad professional public. At the same time, the series aims to document the performance of religious studies courses and serves as a forum for the further development of religious studies in science and practice.

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