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In the German-speaking research scene, too, the term Environmental Humanities (Nachhaltigkeitshumanwissenschaften) is increasingly gaining acceptance for research contributions from the humanities and humanities. The emergence of this research cluster emphasises the complementarity with findings from the natural sciences. Papers from those fields, which have always been among the mainstays of Tectum Verlag’s programme, are therefore very welcome.

Monographs on Sustainability
Books on sustainability topics such as consumerism or environmental ethics have characterised the Tectum Verlag programme for many years. Sustainability science is still a relatively young discipline that is both interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary. With the further development of the programme focus, we would like to bring these contributions together in one forum. A particular focus is on research findings from disciplines in the cultural and social sciences, economics and law. By bundling the findings, they can be perceived, compared and researched in their entirety.

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Edited Collection: Nachhaltigkeitswissenschaft
Published by Tectum Verlag

The Sustainability Science series published by Tectum Verlag offers a forum especially for outstanding dissertations and theses.
What does sustainability mean? Why should we think and act sustainably at all? Basic questions such as the human-nature relationship, the identification of ecological and environmental problems, the development of solution strategies as well as discussions of existing solution approaches are to be brought together in this series.

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