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We recognise the skill, dedication and passion it takes to write an academic paper. Regardless of your level of experience, whether you have just written your doctoral thesis or would like to contribute to an edited collection, our goal is to provide the support you need to gain visibility and reach your audience. Publish today with Tectum Verlag, an imprint of Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft.

Individual Guidance and Support

  • Guidance and assistance on a custom basis
  • Professional support in applying for grants and subsidies
  • Professional advice from long-standing experience

Quality Publishing

  • Choose from numerous publishing options and formats
  • In-house production with your personal publishing agent
  • Quality printing and binding here in Germany

Academic Visibility

  • Active promotion of your works
  • Wide distribution across all channels and engagement with our network
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Let us get to know you!

We are happy to accept unsolicited manuscripts for consideration. When sending your proposal, please include the synopsis, planned title, subject area and the scope of your paper (dissertation, post-doctoral independent research [Habilitation], monograph etc.). Simply fill out the form below.

Enquiry, selection and offer

In order to ensure the high quality of the programme, for example, in the case of dissertations, only work that has been assessed with an above-average grade is included. In accordance with you, we decide in which series your work is best placed. We forward the necessary documents to the editors of the series, who then decide on the inclusion of your work in the series in a peer-review process within a short period of time. After the decision on the inclusion of your work in the publishing programme (whether in a series or as a single title), we will submit an offer to you free of charge.
Publishing contract
After agreeing on the modalities such as working title, manuscript submission, number of pages, features of the book and the amount of the publication cost subsidy, we conclude the publishing contract with you. At the same time, we assign your publication an ISBN number – from this point on, your work can be pre-ordered. In order for us to be able to start marketing measures at an early stage, please send us the completed author questionnaire, which you will receive from us, at the latest after the contract has been concluded.
Quality control
Professional proofreading (spelling, punctuation, grammar, lexis) is optional. We will be happy to provide a quote on request.
Once your complete manuscript has been submitted, it is passed on to our production department where it is typeset in the appropriate layout. After completion of the layout, you will be sent the proofs for checking, after which eventual changes will be implemented.

The individual cover design is a special feature of Tectum Verlag. Within the framework of the series layout, you have the option of suggesting images for the cover yourself.
After approval from your side, your book goes to print. At Tectum Verlag, we attach great importance to an appealing design of the books – that is why we only work with printers who produce high quality. As soon as your book is printed, we will send you the contractually agreed complimentary copies to pass on to your professional network, colleagues, family and friends. We will also take care of any deposit copies required for your university. Subsequently, your book will not only be offered in printed form to specialist libraries and relevant research institutes, it will also be included in the internationally networked Nomos eLibrary. This allows interested parties online access to your work and ensures the permanent availability and worldwide visibility of your research results. The time between the submission of your manuscript and the publication of your book is between three and four months.
Marketing and Sales
We present your book in our new publication overview, which is published twice a year. We send these to trade media, press contacts, private customers, selected specialist bookshops and libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We present each book in our online shop with a picture and advertising text. The search engine Google usually lists the book first when searching for author or title. Your book can be ordered directly from the publisher.

In addition, the content of your publication is available digitally at any time as a chargeable download. Furthermore, your book is available as an e-book from various providers (e.g. Amazon and Thalia) shortly after print publication.

We register your book with the Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher (VLB) before it is published. This means it is included in the weekly new publication service of the German National Library. Your publication can thus be researched and ordered by booksellers worldwide.

Selected titles are also listed in international directories such as the British Library and the Library of Congress.

We are happy to send review offers to the addresses you provide. Review copies are available on request.

In addition, we produce subject catalogues in which we present a selection of our entire programme.

We can design additional advertising material such as postcards, flyers or bookmarks for you at a charge. Just contact us!

Our books are available in the long term and are not, as with other publishers, already published after three years.

When customers search for a book, online shops use metadata, such as the book title, blurb and details of the author. Complete data increases the chance that your book will be found. Therefore, professional metadata management is very important to us.
Costs and funding opportunities
This information often comes unexpectedly, especially for young researchers: The publication of scientific work, and thus also of dissertations, is associated with costs. As an author, you pay a publication cost allowance for the publication of your work. On the one hand, this is necessary to cover the high production costs of high-quality books in low print runs. On the other hand, as an academic publisher, it is our concern to disseminate good research in the right places – so our targeted marketing and distribution measures should not only generate sales, but above all make your findings known in your field.

Don’t worry: especially in the humanities, there are a number of foundations and institutions that provide partial or full funding for the publication of dissertations and other academic work. We have compiled an overview of general and specific funding sources for you under the following menu item ‘Funding opportunities’. Often it is also worthwhile to first ask your own faculty and take a look at the science awards in your own discipline. We will be happy to assist you with your application!

Irrespective of funding, all authors of scientific works who are German citizen or of a member state of the European Union or of the European Economic Area or have a permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany can register with the VG WORT and benefit from the society’s annual payments.

In Germany, the German Research Foundation (DFG) is worthy of mention, and in Switzerland, for example, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF).