Young Academics at Tectum


Young Academics at Tectum

Tectum Verlag launches the new multidisciplinary edition “Young Academics” for outstanding final assignments

The new Young Academics programme line comprises a variety of series in which outstanding master’s and senior theses from all disciplines of the social sciences and humanities as well as economics and law are published. The edition is a forum for current and practice-oriented assignments.

Our goal is to enable students and aspiring young academics to actively participate in scientific discourse by making the most innovative and best research contributions from the young academic audience accessible to a broad professional public. We ourselves are surprised by the speed with which the programme line is accelerating.

Dr. Martin Reichinger , Head of Social Sciences and Humanities Programme Nomos

The first Young Academics series will be launched at the beginning of December, and the first titles in musicology, sociology, nursing science and American studies are in preparation or have already been published (“Harke, Biografien im Kontext von Lebensmittelunverträglichkeiten”). Maximum multidisciplinarity is intended from the outset.

By publishing their thesis with Tectum Verlag, young academics become visible in the international research landscape. The publishing team provides them with advice, formats and typesets the book manuscripts as a full service, guarantees production at express speed and operates professional academic marketing on all channels in print, online and via social media – including press and review services. The Young Academics titles are distributed as e-books in the Tectum Shop and the Tectum eLibrary. In addition, Tectum Verlag supports publishing in open access format and advises young academics on the selection of suitable licences and forms of presentation.

The requirements for publication in Young Academics as well as further information can be found on our homepage.