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Tectum Verlag is an academic publisher in Baden-Baden. We carry a strong portfolio in the Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences: readers can find monographs, series and editorial collections from disciplines ranging from Economics to Theatre Studies. Nurturing the future generation is a cause close to our heart. Our series, Young Academics, champions young talents and offers them a platform to gain wider recognition in the academic community.



Amongst monographs and editorial collections from more experienced authors, we publish young authors who have just completed their dissertations, post-doctoral independent research (Habilitation) or undergraduate theses.

Nurturing Young Talent

Tectum Verlag is proud to support young talent through its Young Academic series. Our Young Academic series features young authors exclusively, enabling them to contribute to scholarly discourse and gain visibility within the academic community.

An Imprint of the Nomos Publishing Group

Tectum Verlag manages an independent publishing programme within the Nomos Publishing Group. We are proud to carry exclusive works from less well-known subject areas. Our programme is available in print and digitally at the Tectum eLibrary.

Sustainability and the Environment at Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft

Acting sustainably and playing our part in reducing our impact on the planet is important to all of us at the Nomos Publishing Group. To this effect, our environmental council, born from an internal call-to-action, meets regularly to establish shared objectives and priorities and develop strategies to creater a greener Nomos.


Klima- und Umweltschutz

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