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Tectum Verlag’s history programme includes in particular titles on modern and contemporary history in the fields of social history, cultural history and the history of ideas, as well as political history and the history of the GDR.

In addition to selected, high-quality individual titles, the “Schriften aus dem Nachlass Wolfgang Harichs” (Writings from the Estate of Wolfgang Harich), a twenty-volume edition of the works and writings of this philosopher and intellectual, is also published, offering unique insights into the inner life and lines of conflict in the GDR’s academic and cultural life.

Publication Series

Nova Classica
Marburger Fundus für Studium und Forschung in der Altertumswissenschaft

Edited by Prof. Dr Boris Dunsch, Dr Rainer Nickel & Felix M. Prokoph

The aim of the Nova Classica series is to make central but poorly accessible titles from classical studies accessible again through reprints and – if possible – revised new editions.

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Schriften aus dem Nachlass Wolfgang Harichs
Edited by Dr Andreas Heyer

Wolfgang Harich (1923-1995) ranks among the important and disputatious intellectuals of the 20th century.

Friends with György Lukács, Bertolt Brecht and Ernst Bloch, he worked as a philosopher, historian, literary scholar and through his practical political commitment. The latter led to his arrest in 1956 for forming a “counter-revolutionary group” and his sentencing to ten years in prison. Harich’s posthumous writings are published for the first time in a sixteen-volume edition that reflects the rich oeuvre of this undogmatic lateral thinker in all its breadth. The edition pays tribute to Wolfgang Harich as a philosopher, literary historian, feature writer, and practical campaigner for German unity and ecological reorientation.

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