The Economics programme at Tectum Verlag provides critical perspectives on globalisation and capitalism, with further works on post-growth economics, post-materialism and business and corporate ethics. Sustainability, social and ecological responsibility, corporate social responsibility (CSR), as well as forward-looking, risk-conscious and resource-conserving economic activity – this is what Tectum Verlag stands for programmatically and entrepreneurially. We therefore already print individual works according to the environmentally friendly cradle-to-cradle process.

Publication Series

Wirtschaftspolitische Forschungsarbeiten der Universität zu Köln
Edited by Prof. Dr. Steffen J. Roth

The series aims to make the research efforts of younger scholars in particular known to a broader public. Papers are selected which, in the opinion of the publisher, are of interest and relevance to a wider circle of experts and interested non-specialists due to their subject matter, presentation and results.

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A Tectum Publication: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Published by Tectum Verlag

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Young Academics: Economics

This series focus on entrepreneurial practice within the context of business administration. Our authors discuss the cross-functional, interdisciplinary factors that affect decision-making processes in companies today while responding with their own answers to the planning and organisational challenges that modern businesses face in uncertain economic times.

Published by Tectum Verlag, the Young Academics series provides young authors the opportunity to contribute their research to scholarly discourse and gain visibility within the wider research community.

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Young Academics: Media Rights and Media Economics

In addition to theoretical works on media and communication research, the series includes publications with a high level of practical relevance. The authors examine mass media such as magazines and newspapers, radio, film, television, but also social media and computer games from very different perspectives with links to neighbouring disciplines. They also address current developments and challenges in the media industry, such as streaming, credibility, manipulation and discrimination in (social) media.

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