Art and Culture

Our Art and Culture programme is headlined by two prominent edited collections. The first, entitled KONTEXT Kunst – Vermittlung – Kulturelle Bildung, and edited by Prof. Dr. Jutta Ströter-Bender, highlights current educational trends in art and culture, including cultural heritage and cultural diversity. Readers can look forward to practical tips and tricks in teaching and education.

kommunikation & kultur,  a publication of the Institut für Kommunikationsgeschichte und angewandte Kulturwissenschaften (Freie Universität Berlin) and edited by Prof. Dr. Hermann Haarmann and PD Dr. Falko Schmieder, leads academic discussions on the interconnectivity between communication and culture.



KONTEXT Kunst – Vermittlung – Kulturelle Bildung
Edited by Prof. Dr. Jutta Ströter-Bender

Articles on art and culturally responsive paedagogy from the education and research lab, Kunstvermittlung und kulturelles Erbe (University of Paderborn). Basic concepts are supplemented by introductions to lesser-known subject areas, which educators are encouraged to integrate into their lesson plan. Concrete suggestions, tips and tricks on how to incorporate art, culture, heritage and cultural diversity into lessons is useful for educators in related sectors and educators from other subject areas alike.

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kommunikation & kultur
Edited by Prof. Dr. Hermann Haarmann and PD Dr. Falko Schmieder

kommunikation & kultur is a leading voice on discussions and debates on the prevailing connection between communication and culture and approaches the topic from a theoretical and historical perspective. Its aim is to introduce readers to methods and theories from Cultural Studies. In doing so, the authors touch on the shared history and academic approaches between the two disciplines.

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Landauer Lecture Series on Cultural and Social History
Original title: Landauer Beiträge zur Kultur- und Sozialgeschichte
Edited by Prof. Dr. Werner Sesselmeier

An integral part of the university’s event calendar, the lecture series by the Department of Cultural Studies and Social Sciences at the University of Koblenz-Landau cover a broad range of disciplines: Modern Languages, Art, Music, Theology, Sociology, Political Science and Economics. Each session, a particular discipline is examined in relation to the other disciplines. Participation is actively encouraged, which has often given rise to lively discussions. The Landauer Beiträge zur Kultur- und Sozialgeschichten (Landauer Lecture Series on Cultural and Social History) is a documentation of these lectures, engaging the reader with its exuberance and unique interdisciplinary perspectives.

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A Tectum Publication: Art History
Published by Tectum Verlag

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Young Academics: Art History
In this series, our young authors portray individual artists, epochs and styles, analysing and elaborating on their development through space and time. Various forms of visual arts are covered in this series: Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Street Art, and Graphic Design; each with a special emphasis on the relationship between man and his environment.

Published by Tectum Verlag, the Young Academics series provides young authors the opportunity to contribute their research to scholarly discourse and gain visibility within the wider research community.
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