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Topics from the fields of social work and social education form an important part of our social science programme. Both purely theoretical and practice-oriented publications come together here.
Collected volumes, monographs as well as outstanding dissertations and theses are published.


Publication Series

Sozialmanagement – Sozialwirtschaft
Edited by Prof. Dr Wilfried Gebhardt and Prof. Dr Julian Löhe

It is impossible to imagine our social system without social work and the related health care system – on the contrary, social work gives face, form and expression to the “social” in the market economy. Social management as an academic discipline has made it its task to develop and promote management competences on the part of the employees of social enterprises in a scientifically sound and practice-oriented way. In this context, the publication series sees itself as a documentation and knowledge source of the latest research findings and results from the field of social management and social economy. The published works are mainly produced at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and the Münster University of Applied Sciences and reflect the current state of research in the field in close connection between practice and theory.

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Wissenschaftliche Beiträge aus dem Tectum Verlag: Soziale Arbeit
Published by Tectum Verlag

With its founding in 2019, the series aims to offer outstanding theses and dissertations from the field the opportunity for higher visibility. Tectum Verlag publishes the series independently. The topics cover current challenges of social work in theory and practice.

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