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Florian Betzler

GDF - Green Density Factor and
GCF - Green Cooling Factor

A specific calculation method to integrate green roofs, green facades and their evapotranspiration cooling rate into the general planning procedure of architects and planners

ISBN 978-3-8288-3750-8
148 Seiten, Paperback
Tectum Verlag 2016
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GDF - Green Density Factor and GCF - Green Cooling Factor


The GDF and GCF are two factors invented and designed by German Architect and Developer Florian Betzler.

They demonstrate the possibilities to cool the microclimates of hot cities and let estates function as cooling units within an overheated climate for any city, starting from a small scale and ending with megacities.

The GDF and GCF emphasize the potentials of plants as a generally required implementation into future city planning and individual architecture, aiming towards a clean, healthy, cool and beautiful urban habitat.

  • Florian GDF - Green Density Factor and GCF - Green Cooling Factor
    Florian Betzler was born in Hamburg and is an architect, owner and CEO of an architecture bureau in Hamburg. He holds the title of Diploma engineer of Architecture (University of Applied Science Hamburg, Germany) and a Master of Science (University for Applied Science Wismar, Germany).He has been working in the fast-growing field of vegetated buildings and green architecture for more than a decade and has been international teacher and visiting professor in Thailand, India and China.