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Diana A. Taylor


Towards a Betterment in Medical Communication Across the Drug Industry

ISBN 978-3-8288-9083-1
184 Seiten, Paperback
Tectum Verlag 2006
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This handbook is designed to help answer those key managerial options, strategies and concerns that bear upon the daily working practices of Medical Communication Professionals, serving as a support to those managers and their scientific, marketing and regulatory colleagues who are engaged in the demanding task of collaborative writing - from composing the Patient Information Leaflet, assembling the Clinical Trial Report, to framing and writing the SOP, designing the In-house Training Programme, and, now, scribing the Company Blog. Towards this end, the book links theoretical areas of literacy, collaborative groupwork and alternative managerial models with grounded experiences and contemporary accounts drawn from the author’s corporate office workplace, the seminar room and the conference platform.

  • Dr. Diana A. Taylor is a scienist in Nuclear Physics and Pharmaceutical Information Management with degrees from the Universities of Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden & City London. Her managerial roles in academia and industry have linked Business Development, Medical Affairs, and Medical Writing & Communication. Since 2002, these have successfully combined with her international seminars for PTI, conference talks for the DIA in US & marcusevans in Europe, and guest lectures & mentoring at Heidelberg & Frankfurt Universities. Dr. Taylor‘s professional activities also extend to Eastern Europe and Russia where she develops and leads training on quality clinical trials. She is co-founder of PRODECUM - an international consultancy for professionals in the Pharma and Media Industries and is professionally fluent in Russian, German, English, and Bulgarian.