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Nina Liewald

Initiating a Dialogue Through
'the Global Community on your

Narrative Representations of 'Islamic Fundamentalism' in selected Novels from the 1990s to the Present

ISBN 978-3-8288-4072-0
424 Seiten, Hardcover
Tectum Verlag 2018
54,95 €
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Nina Liewald analyses literary representations of so-called 'Islamic fundamentalism' by contemporary authors whose cultural background and approach to the subject matter differs substantially: Hanif Kureishi, Sebastian Faulks, Mohsin Hamid and Yasmina Khadra.
The author focuses on the narrative depiction of this complex phenomenon and its economic, religious and sociopolitical framework in selected contemporary novels.
The interdisciplinary study is offering contextualised readings and combining narratology, literary and cultural studies with approaches from political science. It explores the potential functions of literature in a highly politicised context and specifically the potential of literature to shed light on radicalisation processes and to promote public discourse and intercultural understanding.

Nina Liewald studied Modern English Literature, Political Science and Modern History at Bonn University and La Trobe University in Melbourne and is currently working in the political field. The author believes in the value of empathy, interdisciplinary approaches and public discourse as prerequisites for a more nuanced approach to the phenomenon of fundamentalism.